De Havilland Canada Could Increase Housing Demand

Sep 6, 2023

De Havilland, the Canadian Aircraft manufacturer that built iconic Canadian aircraft, including the Otter and Twin Otter bush planes and the popular DHC-8 (The Dash 8), is building a new aircraft manufacturing facility in Wheatland, Alberta. The new site, called De Havilland Field, will be the site of final assembly for the DHC-515 Firefighter aircraft, the DHC-6 Twin Otter, and the Dash 8-400 aircraft. 

The new facility, called De Havilland Field, will have state-of-the-art aircraft assembly facilities, a runway, parts manufacturing and distribution centers, and a maintenance repair and overhaul centre. There will also be an educational space for training the workforce of the future, general office buildings, and a De Havilland Canada aircraft museum. The first phase of construction is estimated to be finished by 2027 and would see the first stage of the manufacturing facility and half the runway completed by then. 

More jobs for Albertans

This exciting development not only signals a boost in technological advancement and economic prosperity but also opens the door to a multitude of job opportunities, consequently driving demand for housing. For residents who already call this region home, this could mean a potential surge in property values – a win-win scenario all around. The new facility will be in Wheatland County, which is roughly a 30-minute drive from Calgary and would create around 1,500 new jobs. 

From highly skilled technicians to engineers and administrative staff, diverse roles will be required to support the company’s operations. This influx of employment options benefits the local workforce and acts as a magnet, attracting talents from neighbouring regions and enriching the workforce and the community at large.

A positive change in the housing market

As job opportunities multiply with De Havilland’s arrival, the need for housing could soar, and existing properties could increase in value. Professionals seeking convenience and proximity to their workplace will naturally seek housing options in the neighbouring communities.  As the job market flourishes and more professionals flock to the area, the demand for housing is poised to surge. Homeowners who have long been part of the community could find themselves sitting on valuable assets as the real estate market reacts to the increased demand.

Kelly Kustom: Crafting Dreams into Homes

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De Havilland’s imminent arrival in the Langdon and Strathmore region could bring a period of significant growth and transformation. From job opportunities to real estate expansion, this development promises a brighter future for residents and investors alike. As the community gears up for this exciting new chapter, Kelly Kustom Homes stands ready to transform housing aspirations into beautifully built homes, adding another layer of promise to this unfolding narrative. If you are interested in living in your dream home, check out our floorplans on our website or contact us to request a viewing of one of our showhomes.